Greetings from Finca Verde Lodge 

Thank you for taking your time to read about us, the majority of you who we have sent this campaign probably has visited our place our somehow has heard about us


We are a small scale family run eco-tourism project set on an organic farm, located in the northern rainforests of Costa Rica. Over the past 20 years we have converted our land into an eco-paradise. 


Our aim has been to create a sustainable and viable approach to organic farming, which safeguards and promotes nature in its natural and most healthy form. We promote zero chemical use as a needed alternative and seek to continually develop our land and project responsibly. Through our work we have created a haven for birds and animals including hummingbirds & toucans, sloths, frogs, lizards, butterflies, snakes etc. In short we have a beautiful thriving tropical farm and nature lodge nestled into the valley of two volcanoes in the rainforest.


We have protected our farm and created a paradise for the protection of the Sloths in Costa Rica north Rainforest, where they have lived and reproduce themselves in their natural habitat.


Our farm is also connected to the biological corridor between the two volcanoes Miravalles and volcano tenorio national park, creating a resting area and a perfect pass for the wild life crossing both of them.


We are Costa Rican people who believe strongly that humans can live in a sustainable way with nature and work together in harmony for a better world


Since everyone knows the entire world was living and still recovering a difficult situation because of Covid 19.  Due to this situation we were forced to shut down our business because our more potential income was rural tourism and it’s been very difficult for us affecting as well 26 families that used to work for us or somehow connect it to our farm and the community of Bijagua Costa Rica.


Our farm and family business was closed for 9 months already, struggling to keep on doing what we love.


With your little donation you will help us to keep working ( trails, restaurant, gardens, coffee shop, souvenir area, keep our reforestation program and preserve the farm in all manners. as a result the protection of the sloths, environment, helping the economy of the families and helping the community.


We strongly believe even with 1 $ of donation per person we could get enough help to accomplish our goal and hope every get back to normal again and have you visit us back in a shorter future again or for the first time.


we will place you in our donor honor list in our website letting people know who has helped us and will be remember forever as one person who appreciate what we are and were doing in the past and will do for the future 


Thank you for Loving Nature and muchas gracias por ayudar a Finca Verde Lodge




Finca Verde Lodge

Bijagua de Upala

Alajuela Costa Rica

1.5 kilometros al Sur del Liceo de Bijagua








Telephone:   +(506) 5015.32.32




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