With your support you will make it possible for us to develop more ideas for the protection of the environment and foment projects to promote the tourism rural in Bijagua community and surroundings as a result of more employments opportunities for the local people.


In addition to the obvious reward of knowing your donation is helping our farm we invite you to have your name published in a list recognizing our donors.


Making a donation will make possible for us to develop our future projects such as:


-Restaurant and reception area.

-Extend the Butterfly Garden.

-Maintenance of the trails around the Agroecological Farm.

-Construction and creation of sustainable projects such as greenhouses, garden and farming areas

-Planting trees in the community with the local cooperative of youth people ( Coopejubi R.L ) to reduce global warming.

-A conference room for community meetings and to encourage and promote environmental protection and sustainability in our community.



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